Embarrassment of Riches

My very good husband recently had a work trip to the United States.  He had a grueling schedule and really doesn’t love shopping anyway so we came to what I think was a workable solution.  

Frustratingly, there are many very attractive baking items that companies just won’t send overseas. They will however send them to a hotel address in the U.S.  So I went online shopping (after confirming with the lovely staff of the hotel they were happy to gather all the parcels) to my hearts content.

This worked on a variety of levels.  I got exactly what I wanted, and my wonderful husband got to look like an absolute hero for limited effort. 

I did choose mostly light things that just are not available where I live.  Perhaps they are in cake supply stores ‘down south’ but for instance silicone canelés pans just don’t get stocked here.  I tried for months to get an angel food cake pan ordered in with no luck and was thrilled when I spotted one in Sydney on holidays.

So what did I get? (this is where the embarrassment of riches thing kicks in)

  • silicone canelés pan
  • silicone pyramid pan
  • silicone brioche molds
  • silicon madelaine pans (regular and mini)
  • 12 pack of gel food colouring
  • 3 pack of citrus oils
  • pastry bag
  • rolling pin rings
  • cake lifters
  • pasta extruder set for the kitchen aid
  • pannetone papers
  • fluer de sicila essence
  • geometric cookie cutter set
I purposely left books off the list as Amazon is kind enough to ship those overseas.  However, I decided to ask for Baking from my home to yours (so I could join the Tuesdays with Dorie collective) and Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day.  (I have made the sticky buns (found here) and angels were heard weeping in the corner!)  Good husband saw the muffins book and threw that in the bag as well.
So what use have I made of this?  So far I have been playing with madeleines.  I will save deep and thoughtful comment until they are chosen in the Tuesdays with Dorie challenge.  However, brown the butter…. 

3 responses to “Embarrassment of Riches

  1. I don’t know if you’ve ever read the books by Sophie Kinsella “Confessions of a Shopaholic”… in one of the books the lead character has tons of stuff delivered to her hotel. This reminded me of that! Great that you were able to snag so much stuff that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get!

  2. andreainthekitchen

    I haven’t read the book but might have to find it! I used to love shopping for evening bags. I had a lovely collection going and friends knew what to buy me. Since having 2 children my going out has been curtailed somewhat. Hence, my desire for evening bags tapered off and cooking (with of course collecting the equipment and cookbooks) which has always been important to me really took off. Strangely, many friends are hesitant to do the cooking gift thing “we want to get something for you, not the house”. I think ‘for heavens sake, cooking stuff is all about me!’

  3. I realize this isn’t your TWD post – this is the first time I have been to your blog – but I was fascinated with your tale of baking supplies from the US – things we take for granted because we can just “run to the store” to buy them!! Enjoy all of your new “toys”!!!

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