Cake Boards NT style

One of the things Darwin doesn’t have is a cake decorating shop.  There are a couple of catering supply stores, a House franchise with a back corner with some cake tins and cookie cutters, and a Spotlight that has a small range of the Wilton gear.  They also sell rather huge tall cake tins that state they are not water tight on the label.  And, they have silver cake boards that are wooden (I think) and rather expensive.

Given a dozen eggs (free range and local) are $5.50 and a kilo of flour is $2-3 plus.  I need to use my cooking budget wisely.

When I moved to the Northern Territory years ago I was told a local joke.  

“What does a Territorian call a 7 course meal?”

“A meat pie and a six pack”.

This turns out to be only partly true!  I must stop now before my local Slow Food Convivium lynches me…

If I can’t buy cake boards then I must make them.  

There are only 2 boxes that regularly come into the house.  Beer and Nappies (Patrick’s child care stopped accepting cloth nappies, so disposables get used there) .  I cannot quite bring myself to use the nappy box so that leaves me with a rather plebian material.  However, it does the job and it is recycling in action.

I use the cake tin as my guide and draw around the pan.  

Then I just cut it out.  

After that I get some aluminium foil and cut out something a bit larger.  Nip around the edges so you don’t get lumpy bits.   

Finally, I cover it with bit of plastic wrap (I get cross when I bite into a bit of foil).  Fold underneath as neatly as possible.

Most of the time, after covering it this way you can keep the cardboard and just re-cover it for next time.  Like my baking paper I keep the cake board tucked inside the pan, just waiting for me.

Here is a picture of it in action.


One response to “Cake Boards NT style

  1. Michelle in Colorado Springs

    This is what I do But I make try to make it 2-3 inches bigger in diameter. It gives just a little more room to play with.

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