This weeks TWD challenge was the reason to check the local cooking supply stores.  I try to avoid them (especially the trade ones, so much temptation).  But, I had the realisation that frequent (weekly) cakes in the house will involve shopping of another kind (clothes in a much bigger size) if portions didn’t shrink.   So, you see I had to go, and in fact I was rather restrained.  


  • The cake tin 18 cm , not 6 inch but close enough (a chance to go looking again ha! ha!).  ($14.40)   
  • A rather large whisk that I have read about being useful when making sponges, for the final incorporation of flour ($13.22)
  • A replacement plastic spatula (good for encouraging things out of pans when you don’t want to scratch them) the old one was worked to death. ($2.56)
  • Another icing bag (Does anyone else have them go missing?) ($11.19)
  • A pastry scraper with ridges. ($1.81)
I know cooking stuff is more expensive up here.   I saw things that Matt brought back from the US for 3 times the price.  However, I love it up here.   So I am not about to relocate to find cheaper bake ware!


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