Pepper Crab

I thought I would post something I didn’t cook.  My lovely husband made me dinner for Mother’s Day.

I have no prep photos but this was the finished product.

My brother Michael dropped off 3 rather large mud crabs last Monday (what a lovely man!).  We polished off 2 that night one boiled and the other in a Chili Crab sauce.

Tonight we had Pepper Crab from the linked recipe.  It was really lovely.  We only used 2 chilis in the chilli crab recipe and it was rather spicy indeed (it called for 7!) so Matt left it at one chili for tonight’s feast.  He served it on a bed of plain sushi rice which absorbed all the gooey goodness.  So very very yummy.

I feel like a lucky Mummy.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the other Mother’s out there!

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