My Coconut Palm

I forget sometimes that not everyone lives in the tropics.  I take palm trees and tropical fruit for granted now.  (However, it is almost impossible to get a fresh raspberry worth buying up here).

I have noticed that it my use of fresh coconut that seems to get a bit of notice, so I thought I would share some photos of one of the 2 coconut palms I have in the yard.  I couldn’t get the angle right to show it, but there was a rainbow lorikeet hiding up near the coconuts.

I also thought I would prove that poor planning does have the clothes line just under one of the palms.

And, here are the size of the fronds that come crashing down.

Something interesting about local coconuts is they don’t fall off when ripe.  You have to cut them down or they finally come down once all dried up.  Our palms are so high now that we can’t get them down.  About twice a year a man comes round in a mini van wearing a hard hat.  He brings out a mattress (to give the coconuts a gentle landing) and a really impressive extendable saw.  He takes most of the coconuts to sell at the markets and we keep a few.  Which we process, and then pop the nut meat in the freezer just waiting for a chance to be included in a recipe.


7 responses to “My Coconut Palm

  1. wow, that’s cool! hopefully no babies are ever in the path of crashing palm fronds–ouch! tropical fruit question for you–do you like dragonfruit? i was admiring them for a long while, finally bought one and it tasted like nothing. maybe sweet water. is that normal, or did i just get a bum one?

  2. andreainthekitchen

    I tend to start encouraging the fronds down (read: hang off them with most of my weight) once they go brown and are hanging low. (To prevent the fronds landing on us, they are really quite heavy). Patrick was put in shot just to give some perspective. No toddlers were harmed in the making of this post.
    Dragonfruit doesn’t have a big bold taste (like say mango or paw paw/ papaya). The dragonfruit with the red centre is my favourite (it comes in white, yellow or red fruit). I usually eat it very cold. It is really nice with a drizzle of palm syrup (here is how to make your own Dragonfruit is often eaten as part of a fruit salad where its flavour compliments other fruits. I have also had a wonderful dragonfruit sorbet. That’s on my list of things to make once they are in season.

  3. That is just pretty darn cool I must say. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That was great that you shared pictures of your tree. I am sure it is not something people see everyday. I was amazed to watch people go up and down, chop off coconuts and make great creations.

  5. thanks for the dragonfruit info. the one i treid was white inside. perhaps i will seek out a red one and use it in fruit salad.

  6. Let’s see if my comment goes through. Thanks for your comment on my site. That is awesome fresh coconut in your own backyard! I want to see the dragonfruit sorbet that sounds delicious. Dragonfruit is something I have been wanting to try but, have not been able to pick it up anywhere in my town.

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