Pita Bread

Of all the recipes in Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day the one application I was doubtful with, was the ability to make pita bread out of the Master Recipe. In the bakery courses I had done making pita bread was quite a bit of hard work. There was no way to make it without a stand mixer and as I was working from a commercial recipe the smallest I could scale it down to was 15 units of pita bread.

All of this was ok because once you have had homemade fresh pita bread you think all the effort is completely warranted.

Anyway, I had some of the master recipe in the fridge and I had a hankering for Lamb Kofkas.

I scaled the first pita at 100g but that was too big. This dough is quite wet and sticky. And it became mis-shapen in the transfer to the frypan. 60g is just about perfect (the size of a ping pong ball). You need to roll it out to 1/8 of an inch thick.

You will need to use heaps (and heaps) of flour. I love this dough but golly it is sticky! Just dust it off to prevent excess smoking before you bake/cook it off.

The oven was in use at 300F (and the recipe calls for baking off at 500F on a pizza stone) so I made the pitas on the stove top. This was the technique that worked best from the baking course. Essentially it is a really easy 2 step process. Preheat a fry pan, dry fry for approximately 1-2 minutes a side. As long as you rolled it thinly enough it should puff. For extra flavor (and it seems to puff up better this way) place the pita directly over the gas flame. You get really yummy slightly charred bits. I used a roasting rack for better support under the pita (that was my epiphany of the day).

We have pocket!

I was so pleased with this. The taste and texture is perfect. I was concerned that with the same master recipe everything would well, taste the same. Really surprisingly for me, not so. My last 3 posts have been about this book and I have a feeling there will be more to come.

5 responses to “Pita Bread

  1. This make me wish that I had a gas stove so I could grill them like that. The oven it is for me.

  2. i love the recipe for pita! which reminds me…to mix up a batch of dough tonight.

  3. I bought this book a couple of months ago and have been waiting for a ‘baking lull’ to get started. At the present rate, this won’t happen soon, so I’m glad to be reading your adventures. If you go on eGullet, zoe will answer any questions. Hopefully, I’ll tackle this technique over the summer.

  4. I am going to have to try this on the grill! Hehe I am glad I give you a reason to check your spam and rescue my comments! thanks!!!

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