Darwin, We Have A Problem

I need to share this news with people who may get just how upsetting it is.

Last night at approximately 6:22pm my oven caught on fire. (I am practicing deep breathing right now just to get through the pain).

I was using the grill (to finish off some glazed chicken breasts with double smoked bacon on top) and smelt something burning. I thought “Wow that was quick”. The bacon wasn’t even beginning to be crispy yet. Then I noticed the smoke coming out of the knob that controls the timer. Not good. We rushed to turn it off at the fuse box and turned off the gas that was being used on the stove top.

There was enough of a fire going on with the electronics that for 5 minutes the oven light glowed due to the fire behind the instument panel we couldn’t get to. The stainless steel top has been burnt black from underneath (on top of said sealed instrument panel).

Not good at all.

Now my cooker is under warranty. It isn’t even a year old yet. But, the last warranty job I had took 11 (very long) months to only get partially fixed. Please feel free to have a word to any oven deities you follow to get my oven back in business.

I am going to have to freeze my leftover challah dough. I may even have to (gasp) buy bread!

One of the small favors is, I had already done next weeks TWD challenge.

We could start a pool where people try and guess how long it takes to get it fixed. The winner could get something appropriate sent to them, like BBQ spices from the NT!

6 responses to “Darwin, We Have A Problem

  1. Oh dear!!! I’d absolutely die a thousand deaths if that happened at my house, because then I’d have to go buy a new one, cause mine isn’t under warranty anymore!

    May Sta Elizabeth (the patron saint of bakers), bless your oven with a speedy recovery or a shiny new replacement, ASAP!

  2. OMG, that must have been scary! Quick thinking to turn off everything at the fuse box and gas line! You’re so dedicated to even mention that your TWD for next week was done!
    Shari@Whisk: a food blog

  3. How scary! It made me think of a funny story though (and I’m sure you could use a laugh about now). This was back when I was in college. My roommate’s mom was a terrible cook. One day, her dad smelled something burning and yelled at my roommate’s mom to see what she was cooking, ahahaha. When she said she wasn’t cooking anything, my roommate just happened to look outside and their garage was on fire! Thankfully it was just the wood siding. But to this day we get a laugh out the fact that her dad thought her mom was burning dinner, again.

  4. Oh my gosh, that’s HORRIBLE and very scary. You know what’s weird? MY oven blew yesterday too! It didn’t catch on fire, but I was baking the leftover brioche from the sticky buns and heard a big “POP”, and looked over to see a blue spark and smoke coming out of the timer button. And then the whole thing just died. SO FRUSTRATING! Although, I will say, our oven was made in 1960 so it lived a good, long life. Thank goodness I already made the French Chocolate brownies too!

    Good luck with everything!

  5. andreainthekitchen

    One week later feedback… I have gotten the tech to assess the mess. He shook his head and said can’t really look until the gas is turned off. (Another chance for me to practice the long slow deep breath thing I have been trying to teach my 4 year old). That was Monday. I will call him today to see how things are going.

    Mari- Thank you for your kind words. My mum is o/s and she was the Saints resource in our family.
    Barbara- That story is indeed funny.
    Rebekka- Is your oven fixable or is it time to get a new one? (If new can I be so bold as to suggest ball bearing shelves- so much safer when baking)

  6. andreainthekitchen

    Great news, the good folk at Baumatic have told me that they will replace my cooker.
    Slightly less great news, I have to wait for them to ship one up from Melbourne and then have a gas fitter come in to hook it up. That means at least another week of no (working)oven in the house. Probably more.
    I am not known for being a patient person.
    However, I may have found a frightfully expensive way of getting out of cleaning ones oven!

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