TWD- La Palette’s Strawberry Tart

After last weeks Paris Brownies the TWD group are all staying near the Seine making La Palette’s Strawberry Tart.

This recipe is simplicity itself. You make a tart shell from pate sucre. (A big sandy textures sugar cookie that you don’t even have to roll out just smoosh into the tin). I love the technique of using a food processor to make pastry. It is so hot here that the speed is brilliant, the butter barely has time to realise it is out of the fridge.

You bake the pastry from frozen so you can get all your prep work done in advance. This time I used my recently aquired 4 inch spring form tins as they were easy to transport.

Then you chop up some strawberries (here comes my grumble) $5.98 for 250g of not completely fabulous berries (the downside of living in the tropics). I fed mine a little sloe berry vodka and sugar to oomph them up. Alternate fruit was suggested but I really wanted to try it with strawberries.

When you come to serving you just cut the slices of tart pastry you need, slather on some good jam and then tumble on the berries.

If you need more going on the plate Dorie suggests creme fraiche, whipped cream- or my own take, some Greek Yogurt.

I like the simplicity of this recipe but it is not my absolute favourite pastry base. However, this is a lovely way of thinking about putting ingredients together. My steadfast yearning for strawberries was not the best idea.  Fresh, local and seasonal would have done more justice to the dish, but I am glad  tried it.

Now, for those who have been looking at my blog for a while you will probably remember I am currently the owner of a slightly fire damaged oven. I have been using a stunt kitchen. What is a stunt kitchen you may ask…

Well a stunt kitchen is the kitchen you use when your own realises it is too dangerous to participate in high risk cooking activities (like baking in my house obviously). My stunt kitchen is in the display house I work in. Hence, it is very neat. I do all my prep at home and then do the final bake off there.

34 responses to “TWD- La Palette’s Strawberry Tart

  1. How funny that you are baking in a display house. Creative! Too bad the strawberries were so expensive. The greek yogurt was probably rather tasty with these!

  2. looks lovely! and the stunt kitchen seems like a fun place to bake!

  3. Hopefully you’ll get a good local strawberry fix in pretty soon. That kitchen borrowing your doing is quite funny, and your tart looks delicious!

  4. Greek yogurt! How fun. Great job!
    Clara @ I♥food4thought

  5. I want a stunt kitchen! And I agree – strawberries aren’t in season here yet, so mine were a little less than amazing.

  6. OH, a stunt kitchen. Can I borrow it? Your tartlets look great!

  7. I agree, this recipe was brilliant in it’s simplicity – but too bad about the strawberries. Ah, the high price of out-of-season fruit!!

  8. Your tarts look delicious! And I love your stunt kitchen! Can I have it? lol

  9. These look lovely. And I’ll take the kitchen. Not everyone else. Just me.

  10. Greek yogurt! Good call.

  11. I am jealous of the stunt kitchen. Your high priced strawberries look great!

  12. Sounds yum with the greek yogurt, will have to try that next time. We loved this recipe!

  13. Hope you get some wonderful strawberries soon. Tart looks great and I want to come bake with you in your stunt kitchen!

  14. I think I’d like a stunt kitchen! Your tart looks wonderful.

  15. very resourceful. That stunt kitchen has never smelled so good I bet!

  16. Hmmm.. sloe berry vodka, huh?? That sounds good! Your tart looks so sweet!

  17. I love the yogurt idea. I used frozen yogurt but Greek yogurt would have been so very nice and tangy.

  18. Very nice tart! Maybe you can get the owner of that kitchen to let you move in permanently! Wouldn’t that be cool?

  19. Stunt Kitchen?? Where can I get one of those?? Your tarts look fab, BTW!

  20. Your tart looks delicious! I bet it was good with the Greek yogurt!

  21. ooh i LOVE greek yogurt, wish i had thought of putting it on! nice job!

  22. andreainthekitchen

    The builder I work for happens to be my brother so he gets the fruits of my labour at Sunday dinner! The advantages of a family company…
    I do have to warn people who start having a good look in the kitchen that the oven is hot though.
    I think the nicest smell in the (display) house is when I boiled oranges for a couple of hours for an orange almond cake.
    As lovely as it is to have a stunt kitchen I just want mine back. (insert petulance here)

  23. I bet cooking in the stunt kitchen lures in buyers…this could be a new gig for you…traveling to various stunt kitchens, baking up a storm, opening the doors and windows, luring all the people in…sounds good.

    Beautiful photos…beautiful food.

  24. Stunt kitchen, huh? I like the sound of that. Nice job on the tart, too!

  25. Greek yogurt? How did the yogurt go with the rest of the tart? I’m intrigued…

    I’m sorry that it wasn’t completely to your liking. The tarts look good, though. Plus, you got to use a decked out stunt kitchen! Awesome!

  26. What pretty strawberries! I used yogurt, too. Sorry it wasn’t your favorite but it sure looks wonderful.

  27. andreainthekitchen

    Cecila, the Greek Yogurt was great. The tartness really perked up the dish. I tried it with cream the next day and much preferred the yogurt.

    I have been so happy with the recipes thus far that I am now marking on a pretty high scale. This was certainly not a dud just not moan-worthy, like the brownies last week.

  28. That’s a beautiful stunt kitchen! Greek yogurt with this tart sounds delicious!

  29. Oooooh. I want a stunt kitchen, too! I agree with you–this recipe would be best using fresh. local, seasonal ingredients.

  30. Simplicity from a stunt kitchen… great job!

  31. you have a stunt kitchen? cool!

    great tarts!

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