No Cream Puffs in Holysov

I did try and do this challenge.  While I was packing for our overseas trip I tried to infuse the cream with the mint.  I got distracted and reduced it by more than half.  I was then out of cream and leaving the country and my husband was saying “Andrea, it is ok, you are allowed to miss challenges for good reasons.”

So after 3 days of traveling with a 23 month old and and 4 year old I am in the village of Holysov, here is the google maps link if you are keen to know where in the world that is.  My Australian parents are living here doing up a pension (bed and breakfast hotel) and opening an Australian art gallery.

We arrived Sunday afternoon and I have already made the no knead cinnamon buns (my dad wants a lesson before I leave), no knead master recipe (my mum now knows how to shape a boule and a batard), a lovely chicken fricasse and an apple crumble.

I went shopping but was too jet lagged to take photos.  To my great joy I found the French butter with flakes of sel de mer, so very good.  I have already been to the catering supply store in Pilzn (the home of Pilner beer) and are planning my purchases.

We go to Paris and Euro Disney today.  (Is it shameful to admit I will be looking for the special rolling pins for adding butter into laminated doughs while in France?)  I have printed out Dories recent post of suggestions for things to eat in Paris for reference.  I want to take tea at Laudree orPierre Herme’s with mum (while Matt takes the boys to a park, I think).

I am keen to try to complete the challenges while here, but in the interest of packing light I have not brought my copy of Baking From My Home to Yours.  And since the TWD members have shared quite a few of the recipes as teasers and encouragement to go and buy the book we aren’t posting the recipes anymore I can’t use that as a reference.

So TWD posts might be on hold for a month, unless any kind soul wants to send me the recipes.

Once organised I will take some photos of local markets and such like to post.

Happy baking!

4 responses to “No Cream Puffs in Holysov

  1. It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun! I can send you the recipes if you want to make them from there. Just let me know! 🙂

  2. happy travels! looks like dianne already offered to send you recipes, but i would be happy to as well. just let us know 🙂

  3. sounds like a great trip!!

  4. Have fun! The trip sounds wonderful. I’m sure your kids will love Disney!

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