TWD- Mixed Berry Cobbler

Bless the fact this weeks Tuesdays with Dories recipe chosen by Beth of Our Sweet Life  was Mixed Berry Cobbler on pages 416-417 from Baking from my Home to Yours was posted on the internet and was fairly simple.  

I am on holidays in Europe in the moment.  We are basing ourselves at my parents in the Czech Republic.  Mum has some cooking things but has fairly basic kitchen set up during the renovation of their building.  

Anyway, there is a Tesco (English chain of supermarket) nearby so we could find most of what we needed (without needing a Czech translator in tow).  There was a fair amount of looking at packages for helpful pictures.

Most of the Czech flour is quite a course grind (semolina flour for dumplings).  At the Makro market (catering supply store that you have to show company ID and membership of the store just to get into) we found some Italian 00 flour which was much better suited to the cobbler topping. Mum had been given a box of Gustin which is similar to corn flour by a Czech friend who is a Home Ec teacher.  Baking powder is not always available so you hoard it when you can find it.  The local cream is 12% fat but I could find some German UHT cream which was 30% fat.

The frozen berries were pretty easy to find although One batch had strawberries which when paired with the unfamiliar Gustin lead to quite a wet berry filling.

I was lucky enough to have a little helper in the kitchen.  Patrick will be 2 in July.  He already takes his cooking seriously.  He could say cookie and cake before he said his brothers name!


So what was the verdict?  The cobbler topping was a bit thick in places so stayed a bit undercooked.  5 more minutes would have been benificial.  I already mentioned I was unfamilair with the thickening agent and the amount of juice in the berries is difficult to guess at the best of times.  If I was making this again here, I would add another Tablespoon of Gustin and Sugar.  

This dessert needed ice cream.  With just cream there was nothing to temper the rather tart nature of our red current intensive berry mix.

The nicest compliment was it reminded my mother of things her mother and grandmother used to bake years ago.  This recipe with a few tweaks is a keeper.

One thing that was challenging was getting a photo.  My good husband now knows I take photos of my food.  My parents did the sensible thing and dug in!  My mother just smiled at me as I was trying to get a photo of the plated dish.

23 responses to “TWD- Mixed Berry Cobbler

  1. Wow… I read posts like yours and it’s amazing how much I take for granted as I walk into an American specialty or supermarket. Great job working with new-to-you ingredients.

  2. You went to great lengths on this one! Your cobbler looks great even in the baking dish (I love that you have a see through dish.)

    Cute sioux chef!

  3. nice job working with what you had! it looks tasty 🙂

  4. wow–sounds like putting this together was quite an adventure! love the photos of your little boy!

  5. Great job! It is funny sometimes making people wait to eat for photo taking. 🙂

  6. Your cobbler looks great! I admire your dedication in getting this together. I hope you are enjoying your time away. 🙂

  7. Your cobbler looks great! You went to great lengths on this one!

  8. How nice to see Dr. Oetker 😉 Gustin is just a brand name for corn starch Great job and enjoy your holiday.

    And I agree this dessert need ice cream

    Ulrike from Küchenlatein

  9. Very interesting post. I love that your family dug in before photo time.

  10. Thanks for showing the picture of the ingredients. I always like to see what other countries are using!

  11. Beautiful color in the tart. I love the photo of your son with the berries. He is gorgeous!

  12. How brave to try this week’s TWD in an unfamiliar kitchen with unfamiliar tools and ingredients. So nice to have little hands to help as well.

  13. I found this fascinating! I love that you were able to bake it anyways and I adore the picture of your little helper!

  14. I loved the story you wrote! I especially like how your mother said it reminded her of what her mother used to make! The ultimate compliment! Congrats!

  15. wow – so much effort for one little cobbler! you are a brave baker! I so want to visit the czech rep – we were planning on a trip to karlovy vary for the new year, bt alas, now we are poor and can’t afford to even leave town! enjoy your time with the family!

  16. How fun to read about your adventure in cooking Czech style…photos looked great and food looked really great! How cute is he in the berries???!!

  17. That’s dedication! Looks gorgeous!

  18. Wow, good for you for cooking in unfamiliar surroundings! It looks lovely.

    One time I forgot to put any sugar at all in a mixed berry pie filling. So here’s my tip of the day for too-tart filings– pull back the crust, sprinkle filling with sugar to taste, replace crust — eat!

  19. Always fun to cook with little helpers, isn’t it? Good for you for making the recipe work in an unfamiliar place. Looks wonderful.

  20. wow that looks absolutely luscious…!! i love how you made the big size, so yummy. i added extra sugar and some pecans to the crust so it was really flavorful!

  21. A world travelling cobbler! Who knew they were that sophisticated.

  22. I find it hard to get a good photo when there are people around! Good job!

  23. Love your helper!!! My god-daughter who is 2 loves to help but she eats most of it before baking!

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