TWD- Cherry Rhubarb Cobbler


This week for the Tuesday’s with Dorie Bake Amanda from Like Sprinkles on a Cupcake selected ….Cherry Rhubarb Cobbler on page 415 of From Baking From My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan.


When I saw this recipe I longed for the cherry tree in my parents yard in the Czech Republic.  I am home in Darwin now and very far from a cherry tree.  Yet in this world of imported food there were cherries from the USA in my supermarket.  Now, they did start to go mouldy in my fridge the day after buying them but I pitted them and found some rhubarb (the freshest and pinkest I had seen in Darwin in some time) to be their partner in cobbler.

My in laws have just arrived (more than 4000 km of driving to get here) so this was a nice desert to share.  

I saw some of the comments from others who had made this earlier and since my cherries were not that sweet I popped in another couple of Tablespoons of sugar with the fruit.  I also sliced the rhubarb stalk in half before I portioned it into 1 inch pieces.  My fruit was not going to fit in my 9 inch pie plate so I put it in a 2.5l dish.  The dough was cold enough after the quick blitz in the processor to quickly portion into about 20 little balls.    

I liked this topping more than the Mixed Berry Cobbler from a couple of weeks ago.  It had more texture and some zing (with the wholemeal flour, brown sugar and ginger).  My rhubarb kept its shape, but was tender to the tooth.   The sugar in the sauce was about right (with a couple of extra lovin spoonfuls).  Matthew thinks the only thing to make it better would be crunchy sugar over the cobbler (but those of you familiar with his stance on food would know he almost always suggests more crunchy sugar as a topping!)  The corn flour only slightly thickened the sauce, but it was lovely and syrupy in a tart way.

All in all, a nice desert to make when you feel like a bit of taste bud brightness.

16 responses to “TWD- Cherry Rhubarb Cobbler

  1. I was around some cherry tress at one time and I too miss them like crazy. Mmm, crunchy sugar topping would have been nice I think.

  2. Glad you liked it! Great job!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  3. i’m always surprised at how nice the rhubarb is here in sydney, and how i can find it all year here! you cobbler looks good! i liked the topping a lot, too.

  4. Great job – your topping likes nice and fluffy!

  5. Looks good. I thought that the topping was really nice. I liked the ginger.

  6. I would looove a cherry tree in my back yard… I can see how you’d miss it! And crunchy sugar for this would be fabulous, I have to second that suggestion.

  7. It looks absolutely delicious! And I’ll have to agree as well… crunch sugar makes everything delicious!

  8. Your cobbler looks yummy, I am definitely adding sugar on top next time.

  9. Looks great! We have a cherry tree and it’s always a fight to see if the squirrels or us are going to get the cherries…the squirrels won this year.

  10. Job well done on your cobbler.

  11. Looks so good! 🙂

  12. Looks great and I think cutting the rhubarb in half before slicing into one inch pieces is the way I am going to go next time, too.

    We liked this topping better then the one for the blueberry cobbler also…it had a little extra flavorful something!

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Looks delicious! I vote for the crunchy sugar topping too. The ginger did add a nice little kick.

  14. I also miss the cherry tree we grew up with in the back yard — its fruit in late spring and early summer, its shade in the heat of summer and the swing that hung from its branches all year round. Thanks for inspiring such fond memories…

    Beautiful cobbler!

  15. Your cobbler looks wonderful! Sorry about the cherry tree, I bet that was nice.

    I look forward to your post next week!

  16. I’m glad it turned out so well for you!

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