TWD- Chocolate Banded Ice Cream Torte

For this weeks Tuesday’s With Dorie, Amy of Food, Family and Fun chose: Chocolate-Banded Ice Cream Torte on pages 288-289 of Baking, From My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan.

I was full of good intentions to make my own ice cream (tres keen on Dorie’s burnt sugar recipe). However, I realised that I was in increasing danger of having a post that was entitled “good intentions” rather than having completed the challenge! That said I was keen on the caramel thing so I went to my go to recipe from Sherry Yard for her caramel sauce.

No one in my household is immuno-suppressed so I didn’t worry about the raw eggs in the truffle mixture. I have never seen pasturised egg products in Darwin, so I just washed the eggs first and didn’t think about it further.

What I do want to share is my recent discovery about using a stick mixer in making ganache. It emulsifies the cream or butter and chocolate together beautifully. It works especially well with white chocolate ganache. I think if I had made this discovery a few months ago my Daring Bakers Opera Cake would have been so much more handsome! Check out the discussion board at Planet Cake for some great baking information. (Thanks Steph for writing about this amazing place. I am currently in high level negotiations with good husband about going to Sydney for a week to take their intensive class).

I made a half batch and used 2 very petite 4 inch spring form tins. In that size it was a bit tricky to smooth out the layers. Also, ice cream melts in nano seconds here. I mixed in some caramel sauce for a ripple effect. I also found a use for some leftover praline powder as a garnish on top. This is a lovely desert for something special. However, the most appreciative in the house were in fact the under 5 set. At least my boys have good taste!

Now go check out the TWD blogroll for some other mouthwatering reading…

20 responses to “TWD- Chocolate Banded Ice Cream Torte

  1. Love the caramel idea! I’ve put some caramel in my ice cream.

  2. I like the uneven truffle layers, you get a nice hunk of truffle to bite into.

  3. I am a caramel freak! Love that you added some caramel swirl to your ice cream. I had to stop myself from taking a bite out of my computer! haha. Great job!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  4. I love the swirled ice cream and the praline in there too – it sounds fabulous! And your minis are just adorable.

  5. yum that looks so good!! i am sugar detoxing this week, darnit…because i really want to make this. i thought about minis but lets be honest, i’d eat them both! FAB.

  6. Yum!

    Thanks for the tip about the stick blender – I’ll try that next time I’m making ganache!

  7. yummy ice cream..thnks for sharing.

  8. Those look great, good job!

  9. Very nice, I love the caramel idea.

  10. Ooh, I love caramel – your sounds delicious! Great job!

  11. Where did you get your mini spring form pans?! They would have helped me out big time this week! Love your cakes!

  12. Thanks for the tip about the stick blender!

  13. I really like the “unmanicured” look…. in most desserts. It gives them character. Your’s looked so goooood.

  14. in the restaurants i’ve worked in we’ve used a stick blender (or food processor if it’s a really big batch) to blend ganache, too–works great. the planet cake classes are wonderful! they are expensive, but if you can successfully negotiate it with your husband, i’d really recommend them. caramel ice cream sounds like a wonderful combo with this ganache!

  15. Mmmm. Looks yummy!

  16. Oh, a caramel ripple! That’s brilliant! I want to try your version.

  17. Love the caramel! Great job!

  18. The caramel sounds wonderful and I love your deep mini springform. My 4″ is too shallow for this recipe, imo. Great job on the tortes.

  19. This looks really yummy! Nice job.

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