Chocolate Eclairs: the August Daring Bakers challenge-

When I saw this months challenge was Pierre Heremes chocolate eclairs I became deeply excited.  I was lucky enough to visit his bakery in Paris just 3 short months ago.  I am so deeply enamoured with Monsiour Herme I have contemplated teaching myself ‘cookbook French’ so I can use his French language only cookbooks!

Anyway, this was a relatively quick challenge to complete (aside from the fact I have up until mid August been without a functioning oven.  The saga of my defective oven went on far, far too long.  Fingers crossed I have no more problems.

The choux pastry went together really well.  I got my Kitchenaid a year ago and it is fantastic.  I so didn’t want to beat the eggs in with a whisk!

I wanted to mess around with the flavors a bit so I divided the custard just before the adding chocolate and butter stage into 3 portions and made one chocolate (as per the recipe) and coffee (really bold amounts of espresso powder so the coffee flavor came through) and vanilla (using generous amounts of vanilla bean paste).

I made the glaze as per the recipe (which sneakily had you make a chocolate sauce as well).  My glaze never really got firm in the warm weather here, but it was lovely.

My piping is getting better, but I still have a long way to go!  I made my eclairs about 5-6cm long so my testers could try all 3 flavors and pick their favorite.

The chocolate and coffee were equal favorites and then one of my guests mentioned how she adored caramel.  I had some left over from another baking project so I ran a drizzle down the centre of the vanilla custard eclairs and that was the hands down pack everything else away fav!  No pictures as proof.  My shutter lag didn’t allow for the speed those babies moved from the plate to the mouth.

Now go and check the Daring Bakers blogroll to see what other fab creations the other bakers came up with.

8 responses to “Chocolate Eclairs: the August Daring Bakers challenge-

  1. They look great! Perfect eclairs! Great job this month!

  2. caramel sounds divine!!

  3. Ha…I love the shutter comment! You did a great job…especially if they were flying out with such speed!

  4. Yum..chocolate, vanilla AND coffee eclairs. You covered all corners, which undoubtedly pleased the lucky recipients! They look great!

  5. Oh how wonderful that you’ve been to Herme’s bakery! That would indeed be a pilgrimage. Nicely done on your eclairs!

  6. Wow, these sound amazing! Love your flavor combinations!

  7. I made coffee cream for cream puffs once – and while it tasted good, it looked so…….pale. Not in a good way, either.

    However, I wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite with those combinations – they all sound delicious!

  8. Mmm… your chocolate eclairs look lovely. I’m sure your family/friends loved them 🙂

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