TWD- Chocolate Chunkers

For this weeks TWD bake-fest , Claudia of Fool for Food selected, Chocolate Chunkers on page 70 of Baking From My Home To Yours.

Chocolate Chunkers doesn’t hint at the fact that these are QUINTUPLE chocolate cookies.  I have had death by chocolate deserts that are less generous with the cocoa bean than these little darlings.

I was pleased to use my baking chocolate brought back from Singapore.  I have never seen unsweetened chocolate in Australia.  There may be some hiding in major capital cities, but not in Darwin!  My good husband just accepted me stocking up (6 bars) in Singapore back in July.  Usually I use 70% dark chocolate and reduce the sugar in the recipe.

It is starting to heat up in Darwin again.  The chopped chocolate (a great way of using up the half used bars of white, milk and dark chocolate lurking in the fridge) even though I kept it in the freezer until just before mix in, started melting as I scooped it out.  Bless living in the tropics!

These are seriously good.  I used a combination of pecans and cashews (toasted up in the oven) as the nuts in the mix.  I also included the sultanas (although I had a moment where I thought about leaving them out).  The nuts and fruit give balance and texture to something that otherwise could ‘just’ be a fabulous chocolate cookie.

These are the cookies I will crave when I have had a tough day and need a chocolate hit.

I just love how you can see the 3 different chocolates in the above shot!  Easily amused I know.

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16 responses to “TWD- Chocolate Chunkers

  1. Definitely a death-by-chocolate dessert. I was floored by the amount of chocolate in them too! Pecans and cashews though – those sound delicious in these.

  2. This is the kind of cookie that just one is enough to cure your chocolate craving! Glad you enjoyed the recipe 🙂

  3. Chocolate hit for sure…gotta love it! I skipped the white chocolate as I am not a fan, and made some other mods. Cookies are FUN.

  4. i’ll bet the cashews were a great addition! that texture would be nice against all the fudgy chocolate.

  5. These were wonderful.

    I didn’t even think about adding cashews.

  6. What fantastic looking photos! Your cookies look decadently rich and fabulous! Well done you! Mmm…the cashews must have been a wonderful addition!

  7. Lots of chocolate and goodies in these. I loved them!

  8. Yeah, that last shot is great! These were really a treat and I’m enjoying one now as I write this!

  9. Yum! Yours look great!

  10. Wow! They look so chocolatey!

  11. I thought these cookies rocked. I like yours!

  12. Cashews would have been great in these. Now I have to make them again! But still no raisins (or sultanas!).

  13. that is a great shot with all three chocolates. never can have too many, I say. Nice job!

  14. So much a death by chocolate snack! Your cookies look delicious!

  15. Death by chocolate…what a way to go!

  16. I love that you can see the three kinds of chocolate in your cookies too! Yum!

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