TWD- Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee is this weeks excellent pick for this weeks Tuesday with Dorie Bake.  Big Thanks to Mari of Mevrouw Cupcake.

I have always thought of creme brulee as a very grown up desert.  Maybe that has something to do with best results being obtained when a blow torch is involved…  I thought about messing around with the flavours but Matthew my good husband just wasn’t keen on messing with one of his favourite foods.

My custards took a while in the oven (closer to 80 minutes) but the heat was low (only 200F) and I wasn’t in a rush.  They had a long chill in the fridge.  I used raw (refiners) sugar for my topping

I didn’t have a blow torch until last Christmas.  I hinted so intensively that I ended up with 2 of them!  Each Brulee only takes 30 seconds to crisp up.  I had tried this with using a grill/broiler in years gone by, but the blow torch is entirely the way forward.

The custard from this recipe is very silky.  It doesn’t set very firm but it is firm enough to hold a tablespoon of caramelised sugar.

Now go and check out the Tuesdays With Dorie Blogroll and see the other creations for the week.

14 responses to “TWD- Creme Brulee

  1. oh–a torch for each hand–how fun! looks creamy and good!

  2. Looks wonderful.

    I purchased my torch in the hardware section of Stuffmart.

  3. Playing with a blowtorch is so much fun! Well done on your successful crème brûlée!

  4. your creme brulee looks just wonderful! i like the action shot with the blue flame.

  5. I love that last photo with the cracked sugar and the creamy creme brulee inside! It looks fantastic!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, Andrea!
    I love the step by step picture board… obviously my favorite being your super crackly caramel topped spoonfull!

  7. I will take your spare torch! Love the pics your brulee looks delicious!

  8. Love the action shot! And two torches? Lucky you!

  9. gosh.. just when i thought i’m still young. I realised these ‘grown up’ desserts really suit my palette. Damm i’m old…

  10. Looks creamy and delicious!!

  11. I really like the fact that you took photos before, during and after the torching!
    Great job, they look delicious!!

  12. Wow, looks great! I particularly love that last picture!

  13. Woah you have two torches..I don’t have one! I love your brulee pictures and really like the sugary carmel looking topping the best!

  14. Two torches? You’ve got persuasive skillz! Nice job.

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