Happy Birthday Patrick

I am an avid reader and collector of cook books.  My son Liam (age 5 very soon) has for the last 3 years picked his birthday cake from The Australian Women’s Weekly Kid’s Cake Book.  He will ask for the book and study the cakes carefully.  This year he chose his brother’s cake months in advance.  He was adament.  I tried to convince him of other options but Liam was certain that to make Patricks second birthday complete he would need a

Humpty Dumpty Cake.  No other options to be entertained.  Now, although I am perfectly capable of baking a mean cake.  I am not quite as gifted in the sewing arts.

Thankfully, my mother in law Wendy was in town and she very very kindly created Humpty for me.  For the record he is made of a Pavolva Magic (powdered egg white) Brand plastic egg.  He has a liquorish strap toupe and ribbons sewn together with love and patience (thanks Wendy) to create his suit. The grass is made from desicated coconut and green food colouring put in a zip lock bag and given to the children to moosh.

I used Dories Perfect Party Cake with a hint of orange zest (chocolate and orange always work well together I feel) in a bar tin.  I torted the layers using my ever so handy Wiltons tool.  I made Dorie’s icing with just a hint of orange as well.

The original recipe called for chocolate covered fruit and nut mix to be used to create the stones of the wall.  However, one of the guests was allergic to nuts so I used Malteasers instead.  I think the fruit and nut mix made for a more attractive wall but I much prefer eating the Malteasers.  Big Thanks to Melanie who carefully arranged all the Malteasers on the wall for me.  (She is not used to food photography so was moving her hands too quickly for a good shot, but I can work past that!)

I was really happy with how it turned out.I accepted some help with the presentation (which is a bit unusual, I do tend to be a solo operator) but that made the whole day very fun.  And what did Master Patrick think of it?

I think he was well pleased!

2 responses to “Happy Birthday Patrick

  1. what a perfect fun cake for a kids birthday!

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