Adventures in Fondant- Part 2

So with my cakes baked and ganached, I toddled off to a quiet place to work with my big box of kit.  I really wasn’t certain what I would need so I brought every thing from home I could think of.  I ended up using almost all of it.

I did find some vinyl in a local cooking store which certainly came in handy to roll out on.

I was pleased my fondant did get a couple of shades darker overnight.  I didn’t achieve the Enchanted Night Sky of my imagination but it was a handsome purple.

The fondant began to tear and stick to itself- even with the smaller cake when I tried the fold over the rolling pin trick.  I got a bit cross and then I realised I could use the method of rolling to the correct size and then flipping it on top of the cake, no breath taking rolling pin moments for me!

On reflection, I think I added too much colouring paste for that amount of fondant.  Buying ready to roll fondant in bold colours will be my next experiment.  After I figured out how to get the fondant on the cake smoothing it was fairly straight forward.   I couldn’t find fondant padles in Darwin.  Another thing on my list of things to buy the next time I go down South.

Cake dowels are another thing I couldn’t find in Darwin.  However, we have no shortage of Asian food sellers, with lots of paper wrapped disposable wooden chopsticks given away.  They worked a treat cut to size.

I transported the cake in pieces to assemble on site.  I thought I would have a back room to mess about in but no,  centre stage (the present table in the centre of the hall actually) for me as I tiered my first cake.

Now I know why ribbon or icing goes along the seam lines of fondant cakes.  I didn’t have any and I have learned from my mistake.  I made some fondant stars as decoration and painted them silver with edible paint.

I was happy with the cake as a first effort.  I can see the places I need to improve.  (I start a cake decorating course at uni in a couple of weeks).  It was a lot of fun and I have been asked to do some wedding and birthday cakes from this event.

And I got to give Lisa a one of a kind present.

To wrap up, here is a photo (sadly taken at the end of the night when the kids were ratty and not in the mood to smile for photos) of my wonderful family in our costumes.

2 responses to “Adventures in Fondant- Part 2

  1. Hey andrea
    all the best for your endeavours and attempts… have the will surely do wonders !

  2. Andrea it is Amazing! Lisa must have been absolutely blown away. Congratulations on the cake and you doubled your effort by taking all of those incredible pictures. Bravo!

    Thank you too for the lovely note in your last post. I love hearing from people and the fact that you made this cake has made my day, week, month, year!

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