Somebody Appreciates Me

I got my first blog award a couple of weeks ago from Judy of I Cook- He Cleans.  Life being what it is I felt deeply honored but wasn’t able to really appreciate it myself straight away.

I have been able to post regularly but have not taken the time to smell the roses or check other peoples blogs as much as I would like.  (I had my first day off in 28 running yesterday, and that I spent with my 2 and 4 year old).  Anyway, things are settling down and now I can say ‘Thank You’ to Judy for thinking of me.  So like many things, there are rules, and here they are..

1. When you receive a diamond, make a post about it on your blog.
2. Name the blogger from whom you received it.
3. Award the diamonds to seven other bloggers.
4. Link them.
5. Tell them they received an award.

So my list of 7 are

1. Steph of Whisk and Spoon.  When I first starting reading blogs (only back in November last year). I stumbled across hers.   Steph’s blog was a major factor in me becoming involved with Tuesday’s With Dorie.

2. Zoe of Zoe Bakes.  Zoe is a professional pastry chef, author of a fantastic book and still takes the time to respond to her many, many readers.  I need time management lessons from this woman!

3. Caitlin of Engineer Baker.  Not only does she write a lovely post, she takes the time to write to almost every single Dorie Baker every week.  Caitlin has a trail of good Karma a mile wide!

4. Helen of Tartlette.  Helen fueled my love for macaroons and takes them in directions I didn’t expect.  Pumpkin and Saffron, I can’t wait to try them!

5. Tammy of Wee Treats by Tammy.  There aren’t a lot of TWD bloggers on this side of the equator so I tip my antipodean hat to them.  I love to hear what Tammy gets up to on her side of the Tasman.

6. Gretchen Noelle of Canela and Comina.  Another antipodean baker- based in Peru.  And when I wrote about eating kangaroo she responded with “I suppose it’s like having alpaca here”.  How cool is that?

7. Lori of Quirky Cupcake.  TWD was just the right challenge to get me blogging regularly.  Lori started what has become a very large ball rolling.  Well done you.

There is my seven. All of them have touched me in my blogging life.  Thank you all.

3 responses to “Somebody Appreciates Me

  1. Andrea, thank you so much for the award – I am honoured!!! I love being aprt of the blogging community too and it is great to “meet” others on this side of the world!

  2. congratulations for the award, and thanks for passing it to me! 28 straight days of work–i’m sure your little ones missed you terribly!

  3. Steph, I must admit some of the days I only worked 4 hours (other days quite a bit more). I did get to spend some good times with the boys and their daddy got a chance to really hang out with them as well. That said, I left full time work to find a better balance, and most of the time I find it with my current job.

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