Happy Birthday Liam

I have mentioned before that my son Liam studies the Women’s Weekly Cake book.  Fot the last few months he has been dead certain that he needed a dinosaur cake to celebrate his 5th birthday.  The T Rex one to be quite clear.

This is a big cake.  You need two  20 x 30 cm cakes.  I chose Nigella Lawsons buttermilk birthday cake (2 recipes) for the vanilla cake.  And since I like a little variety I made Rose Levy Beranbaums All American Perfect Chocolate cake (1 1/2 recipe) for the second cake.  Both of these cakes are butter cakes and fresh from the fridge a dream to carve.

I made RLB’s mouselline buttercream.  It is hot and humid here in Darwin and it really does hold up better than any other icing.  I flavoured it with creme de menthe which gave it a pale hue of green and a lovely mint flavour and then added a touch of green paste for a bit more of visual punch.

I crumb coated the cake and then let it sit in the fridge until just before I was ready to decorate and serve.  Mental note… make sure the assembled cake fits in your fridge.  We made a cake board of ply wood covered with adhesive paper as I had no flat platters even close enough in size.

Another small challenge was getting the baking paper out from underneath.  I had cut it down the middle but as I tried to pull out the left hand side it all started moving around a bit too much for comfort.  I wanted a photos before I trashed it!

So Liam got the cake of his dreams.  Heaven knows what he will choose next year.  (I am deeply concerned he has fallen for the cameleon in Collette Peters “Cakes to Dream On”-at least I have a year to practice).

And what did my darling boy do as soon as he got a knife close to his cake…

Ritual beheading of his dinosaur.  Eat him before he eats you, I suppose.

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