TWD- Arborio Rice Pudding

For the TWD group hug this week, Isabelle of Les gourmandises d’Isa has picked,

Arborio Rice Pudding, White, Black (Or Both) on pages 412 and 413 from Dorie Greenspans Baking From My Home To Yours.

pb170291I am so glad I had a look at the discussion board before I made this.  There is a small error in the instructions – this very simple recipe needs 55 minutes of gentle simmering not 30 minutes.

This recipe has you par boil the Arborio rice for 5 minutes. Then take the milk and sugar to a boil then add the parboiled rice and simmer for 55 minutes.

The first time I attempted this I thought I followed instructions.  I remember looking at the milk bubbling away on the stove at 40 minutes thinking it hadn’t thickened up at all.  Then I went to do the washing up and noticed the drained rice in the sink.  Give me a 15 step super complicated recipe and I do well.  Give me 6 ingredients and 3 steps and I will try and forget something.

pb160283Take two went without incident.  I added vanilla bean paste to my cooked rice pudding.

pb160286This did thicken up a bit overnight.  That said it had a chowder like consistency.

Now to the critique I missed the extra starch that the parboil removed.  I don’t like gluggy rice pudding but I do preferred a more full bodied texture.  The arborio rice does maintain its texture and I like that.  This is a lovely light rice pudding.

So now off to the TWD blogroll to see the other rice puddings floating in the blog-sphere.

16 responses to “TWD- Arborio Rice Pudding

  1. I liked the taste of the pudding and even following the corrected time, I think it was still to runny for me.

  2. Chowder – that’s a perfect descriptor (if not the tastiest!). I didn’t like draining away the starch either, although the end result was pretty tasty.

  3. i have a bunny bowl (have had it since i was little)! sorry to laugh at your misstep, but foggetting the rice is exactly the type of thing that i would do!

  4. I love your bunnikins bowl! the perfect thing to serve rice pudding in!

  5. I, too, had trouble with the first round. It wasn’t until I read all of the comments that I realized that it had to be cooked longer – I thought that it did but wasnt sure so I went ahead and stuck in the refrig when it was like soup. After reading the timing error, I took mine out and cooked it again. This time I cooked it until it was creamy and it turned out very good.

    I’m glad you liked yours, too!

  6. That is funny about forgetting the rice. I forgot the sugar in the kugelhopf. Love the bunny bowl and yes, chowder is pretty much my first try also. I think I am folding whipped cream into the rest.

  7. Good thing you checked out the message board! It looks fantastic!

  8. Yours looks so pretty.

    I just couldn’t handle the texture.

  9. I wish I had checked the message board before starting mine. My regular rice pudding recipe doesn’t call for par-boiling the rice, so to me it makes it a bit waterlogged. Oh well!!

  10. that bowl is precious! Mine was runny until I checked the twd comments and cooked it the full 55 minutes. Then it turned out yummy. I kept thinking it needed cornstarch or something! I bet yours is delicious.

  11. wow, I’m finding a lot of people had trouble…but not for forgetting the rice. 😉

    Great job!

  12. This looks good, you did a really nice job. I am sorry you had trouble, I loved this recipe, it has become a staple in our house.

  13. nice recovery on the second round…definitely agree w. you that the pudding needed something to give creamier consistency.

  14. Looks great even if it is a little “chowdery”!

  15. Chowder was the closest thing I could think of to describe the consistancy. It’s not a bad thing.

    It did make me think of a not dis-similar technique used by Jaden (of Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen in my blogroll) for making a very special tapioca dessert. You will have to wait for Jaden’s book to see it though as I only got to try it as part of her cookbook testing.

  16. left you an award on my blogsite. . come on over and pick it up when you can!

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