TWD- Black and White Cake

I am going to post the official recipe for this week “Twofer Pie” after our family Thanksgiving.  However, I made the Black and White for my brothers birthday back in October and this is the perfect way to catch up on some of the recipes from before I started with the TWD crew.  Not quite a rewind but defintely a catch up!

img_0007Apologies about the quality of photos.  Camera got left behind by mistake and the iphone isn’t as good at food porn!

pa140271White chocolate being added into the lightly whipped cream.

pa140275Whipped cream is a challenging medium to work with when it is a constant 32C+.  Wait, a chance to use one of my recent cooking aquisition…  To the fridge stat!

pa140277The cake ring was the saving grace of this cake.  The white chocolate cream never set very firmly but the cake rings gave it the support to not slide around like a drunken sailor.

Although the photo is not clear I put flake chocolate on top.  The chocolate custard was lovely and the cake was a great match between rich and light.  The cake torted with no troubles at all.  Everyone really liked it but the cream layers were really tricky to work with in the Darwin heat.


If I made this again I would try a bit of gelatin in the cream.  I need to really work on RLB super stabilised cream from the Cake Bible I think.

This week may be a bit drips and drabs with posting for the TWD blogroll, but my twofer pie will be up by Sunday.

2 responses to “TWD- Black and White Cake

  1. left you an award on my blogsite. . come on over and pick it up when you can!

  2. I loved this cake. Especially the white chocolate frosting. Thanks for the reminder. 😛

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