Daring Bakers- Caramel Cake


This cake is a homage to a simple mixture of sugar and water carefully cooked into a deep dark syrup to maximize flavour.  I really wish temperatures had been given, but I was pleased with the results.


I took my time whipping the sugar and butter and had no problems with the cake batter.  Here is a photo of it just before it got portioned out.

pb040271I could tell from the recipe that these cakes would be uber sweet so I decided to make smaller portions.

pb040276And to see how they grew in the oven…

pb040279The aroma was just too tempting so one had to be cut in half for the crumb shot.


I also made the caramels from Alice Murdoch’s The Sweet Spot.

I never cease to be amazed at how much the mixture bubbles up when the cream is added.


These caramels are lovely I cooked them to the harder stage as I have to fight the humidity.  As it stands we are storing our extras in the freezer just to get a bit of firmness to it.


I lovingly renamed the icing for this cake as ‘optional caramel coma’.


I had a bit of fun with the pyramid shaped cakes.

pb040284This was great fun.  The caramel cake is stunning.  I made the caramel icing as directed but I still like cooked sugar icings so much more.  I recently made RLB Caramel Silk Merengue buttercream of which I liked the texture more but I need to figure out if the browned butter can be substituted in.  That’s one of the many joys of cooking.  There is no shortage of things to experiment on.

So to wrap up, to show proper respect for the hard work put in by the author of the recipe and the organisers of the Daring Bakers challenges there is now a format all the DB need to follow so should you be so very, very tempted by the lucisious photos and stories you can find the source and have a red hot go yourself!

– Name of the Cookbook – Shuna Fish Lyndon’s recipe – (http://blogs.kqed.org/bayareabites/2006 … he-recipe/)
– Name of the Author – Shuna Fish Lyndon
– Hosts for the month – Dolores the host (http://culinarycuriosity.blogspot.com/) with Co-hosts Alex (Brownie of the Blondie and Brownie duo: http://blondieandbrownie.blogspot.com/), Jenny of Foray into Food (http://forayintofood.blogspot.com/). And since none of us know jack about alternative baking, we’ve once again turned to Natalie of Gluten-a-Go-Go (http://glutenagogo.blogspot.com/) to assist us.

Now go check out the Daring Bakers Blogroll and see what other caramel delights await you.

8 responses to “Daring Bakers- Caramel Cake

  1. Coma frosting? Very nice! I love your creative shapes!

  2. Eeee! Pyramid cakes! I want them 🙂

  3. LOL LOL Optional caramel coma!!! LOL I totaly agree!
    Nevertheless, I think you did a great job on this challenge and thos pyramids are truly ingenious!

  4. It all looks great. I agree with the overload of sugar!

  5. Love the pyramid cakes. Yeah, it was pretty sweet. Wonder how you could cut down on that. I made minis so it wasn’t a lot at a time. Great job.

  6. Great job and I kudos ANYONE who made the caramel! I will do it sometime – but circumstances became my obstacle this month. My first DB challenge missed.

  7. I love the pyramid cakes…so cute! great job!

  8. I love all the different shaped cakes you got out of this recipe, not to mention your perfect fleur de sel caramels. Well done!

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