TWD- Thanksgiving Twofer Pie


Welcome to this weeks installment of Tuesday With Dorie, Vibi of La casserole carrée has chosen,Thanksgiving Twofer Pie on page 321 of Dorie Greenspans Baking From My Home to Yours.

Even though we have lived most of our lives in Australia we still celebrate Thanksgiving.  We often don’t have the dinner on the Thursday but on the weekend following.  It is not a holiday here and the only thing more challenging than coming up with the feast is fitting it in after work!

I was pleased to see we were given a bit of latitude in posting date. Thanks Laurie!

I like pumpkin pie but I am in the minority in the family.  Generally the Australians we married or partnered think we are very odd to be eating a perfectly good custard pie with pumpkin mixed in.  More for me.


Our standard family recipe for pumpkin pie comes from a real estate company cookbook (H.E.R. for the record).  Similar proportions to Dories base recipe but evaporated milk used rather than cream and lots of nutmeg oh, and a distinct lack of rum.

But Dorie ups the ante and goes pecan pie on top with a touch of cinnamon in it to tie it together.


I will have a quick moan about the heat and how it sabotagues my pastry.  The a/c in my house is down the other end of the room and just takes the sting out by the time it gets to the kitchen.  I may have to take my pastry mat to the display house with an a/c sensibly directed directly at the kitchen bench.  It also has proper insulation and a power board that can take another a/c (trust me I considered installing another one until I heard about the cost of upgrading my almost overfull fuse box).   I know Dories recipe works a treat and can even be laticed- just not when it is 35C.

The monsoon will start soon and it will cool down overnight.

I made the pumpkin filling and the pecan pie goo the night before.  I was going to bake my pie crust thenight before but the poor thing deeply needed a rest in the fridge to set up and let the gluten ‘chill out’ again.


Sliced the pie is not visually a stunner.  But it is tasty.  I think I still like pecan pie best on its own but it was neat to mix things up a bit.

Now go check out the TWD blogroll and see if you develop pie eyes!

3 responses to “TWD- Thanksgiving Twofer Pie

  1. Heat definitely does nasty things to pie crusts, so kudos for sticking it out! Aesthetics are optional as long as it tastes good, right?

  2. Thank you very Andrea, for paticipating with me this week… from down under!
    I’m jealous of the fact that you are doing this in the summer, while I’m freezing my b… over here! LOL
    I’m very happy you liked the pie and that it turned out so well!

  3. Glad you liked the taste even though it may look a little messy!

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