TWD- Linzer Sables


For this weeks Tuesday’s With Dorie Noskos of Living the Life chose Linzer Sables on pages 134-135.

I finally got a chance to use the special cookie cutters I bought in Switzerland back in July made just for this purpose.  I left the dough in the plastic bag so I could pop it back in the fridge as needed but thankfully this dough behaved in the heat fairly well.


I used walnuts in the dough.  (They were the nuts that most needed to be turned over).  I broke them up in the food processor first and then finished them off with the flour to get them nice and fine but to prevent them getting oily and turning into nut butter.

pc010282Liam insisted that he wanted dinosaur biscuits so I of course, obliged.  I had a moment where I thought about having a small cut out for the eye but Liam just wanted it baked NOW!

These are quite nice.  The cinnamon and touch of cloves does give a classic recipe a lift and in fact brightened up the walnut which could be overwhelming.  I used my Bonne Maman Strawberry Jam -who could resist using a product that reminded you that you were a good mother!

pc010285Now go and check out all the Linzer Sables from the TWD crew.

12 responses to “TWD- Linzer Sables

  1. very nice! love the dinosaur–hehe!

  2. Those look really yummy. Good thing the dinosaur didn’t eat the others.

  3. Your linzer sables look gorgeous. I love the dinosaur.

  4. Such a cute lil dinosaur, I’m not surprised he didn’t want to wait for an eye to get cut out 🙂 Walnuts sound wonderful in these.

  5. How cute.

    I love that you made the dinosaur.

  6. Love the dinosaur!

  7. My linzer cookie cutters had to be retired after this weeks recipe. I discovered that they were rusted!

    I have the same dino cutter –

  8. I used walnuts to they were delicious…I really need some linzer cookie cutters! The dino is too cute!

  9. I actually forgot there were cloves in the cookie. I made them last night and finished them tonight – probably by now have eaten about 4. I love them!

    The dinosaur is cute!

  10. I just love the cut outs that folks used with this cookie – dinosaurs are great!

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