My Cookie Christmas Tree

So I hinted at the ccokie Christmas Tree in last weeks TWD post but hadn’t made enough cookies quote yet for full effect.

As I placed each and every one of the cookies on the tree one by one young Patrick (2) asked me “What are you doing”.  There are about 40 cookies…

pc100469Going to the display house to bake was entirely the correct thing to do.  In terms of sensible kitchen design for the tropics, this is the go.

pc100466Michael was sensible enough to install a second air conditioner pointing directly at the kitchen bench.  It only needs to get fired up when you are cooking up a storm but golly when it is 35C all day every day it is a blessing.  The cookies I cut out in the air conditioning held true shapes.  I could also fit them in the fridge for a brief chillout before the oven.  My fridge at home is always full to bursting.  One small point is if you need to re-score the centre hole you must do so while the cookies are fresh from the oven.  Otherwise the smaller stars will shatter.

I made up some royal icing (closest thing we will get to snow up here!) and attached a few dragees as baubles.

pc100478This was a great project.  The boys loved it.  After letting the boys eat half a dozen each I refreshed the top cookies and sent it to Liam’s last day of school to share with his friends.  The only down side is they both want me to make it again and again!  And roll out cookies need a bit of fore planning.

pc100480Don’t they look like satisfied customers?

One response to “My Cookie Christmas Tree

  1. Your cookie tree is delightful — and the “eager eaters” are even more so! Enjoy!

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