TWD- Buttery Jam Cookies

For this weeks Tuesday with Dorie we finish up our trio of cookies with the pick of Heather of Randomosity and the Girl she has chosen Buttery Jam Cookies on page 80 from Baking From My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan.

pc150515After the roll out cookies and the challenges that come from dealing with them in the tropics it was a joy to get a drop cookie recipe.

These are nice and easy.  I used some homemade apricot levkar I had lurking in the depths of the fridge (leftover from the Daring Bakers Danish a few months ago).    My levkar is nice and thick so the dough stayed in shape.  The levkar also had a really concentrated apricot flavour so it worked a charm.

pc150497My cookies came out like sweet scones and were not flaky, perhaps even a touch cakey out of the oven.  I am a crispy and chewy cookie fan personally but, my husband is completely impressed with them. His words- ‘These Rock’


Given today is our 13th wedding anniversary isn’t it nice he got something that was all about him without planning it.  Thanks Dorie and Heather for helping me sort out an easy pressie!

Now go and check the TWD blogroll and check out what jam and spice combos people came up with.

13 responses to “TWD- Buttery Jam Cookies

  1. What a perfect surprise gift! Even better that it was a surprise for you too 🙂 I agree – these were very much like scones or little cakes. Tasty and easy though.

  2. I agree, I prefer crisper biscuits/cookies. I am pleased your husband liked them though!

  3. I like crisper (or hard and very crunchy) cookies, too. These were okay…but not my favorites. Glad your husband enjoyed them!

  4. Mine were cakey too but I loved them like that. Glad your husband liked them and that they made for a nice surprise!

  5. Grumpy and I loved these cookies too!

  6. I loved these cookies, but I seem to be the only one that didn’t have them be ‘biscuity’.

  7. Happy Anniversary! ok – showing my dumbness – what is levkar? Your cookies look great.

  8. happy anniversary! what a nice treat for your husband!

  9. Aww – happy anniversary to both of you! And cookies are always an added bonus!

  10. Peggy, Levkar is a very thick apricot preserve that is generally used to fill pastries. You finely chop up dried apricots and rehydrate them and then cook it up to a thick paste. I made some for the Danish challenge for Daring Bakers. (I also didn’t know what it was until I read Rose Levy Beranbaums recipe for Danish).

  11. Happy belated anniversary!
    I think a strong jam is what is really needed for these cookies. I am sure yours tasted great they looked great.

  12. Happy Anniversary. May you have many many more. And always celebrate with cookies. So little work, so much praise.

  13. I believe these were like biscuits too! Still they are yummy. the texture looks very soft.

    Thanks for posting

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