TWD- World Peace Cookies

This week the TWD recipe was chosen by Jessica of cookbookhabit chose World Peace Cookies, page 138-139 of Baking From My Home to Yours By Dorie Greenspan.


This weeks Tuesday With Dorie is close to my heart it is the first recipe I wrote about on my blog.  I made it again because I dearly love this cookie.  This time I used microwaved heat treated flour in the spirit of experimentation.  Bleached flour is not available in Australia and the first time I made these cookies it was with unbleached flour.  I think the texture was sandier but it was probably not worth the fuss about.

I get the crumbles on slicing but this dough responds well to being wodged together.


Thus far this is my favourite TWD recipe I get to pick the recipe in another 20 weeks or so so lets see if anything else takes my fancy between now and June.

Still in camera limbo land.  Tossing up another point and shoot or making the leap into digital SLR land.  I have dual purposes.  Food shots (man at camera store tried to tell me no one needs to get closer than 17 inches from their subject and made a face when I tried to explain a crumb shot…) and wide angle lens so I can take pictures of interior spaces (for my day job).   Decisions, decsions…

13 responses to “TWD- World Peace Cookies

  1. YUM! These cookies are really really good. Looking at your pictures, I’m missing them already. 😛

  2. I’m glad you liked these…I make just about everything with unbleached flour myself!

  3. Too cool! Coming full circle – great cookie to start your blog out with! Hehe – I can just imagine the camera store guy while you try to explain food photography though 🙂

  4. These were wonderful!!

  5. I have a Nikon Coolpix point and shoot that rocks macro shots.

    I love this cookie!

  6. The camera guys at the store just don’t get us food bloggers!

  7. Hey, yours look like mine — much thinner than everyone else’s. I wonder why. And if you decide to go with a point-and-shoot, the Panasonic TZ-4 is stunningly good for as small and cheap as it is.

  8. Camera guys. Cookies. Maybe his wife doesn’t bake. Yours look yummy!

  9. Definitely the best recipe of Dorie, yet! Good luck with the camera decision!

  10. Hello from another Andrea at TWD 🙂 Sorry about your camera troubles! Your cookies still look wonderful, this was my first time making them and I really enjoyed them too, so I’m sure it won’t be the last.

  11. How fun that you got to revisit your first blog post recipe, with world peace cookies at that!

  12. my dough totally crumbled too but i smooshed it together with no problems. 17 inches away? that seems like a mile!

  13. Great cookies! I’m also resisting the urge to go SLR, but it’s been hard to justify just so I can take better pictures of a cookie. I just hate my photos so maybe I’ll cave!

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