TWD- Blueberry and Peach Crumb Cake

For this weeks TWD Sihan of Befuddlement– picked Blueberry Crumb Cake on pages 192-193 of Baking From My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan.


I had a single cup of frozen blueberries left but chopped up a couple of peaches that had gotten too bruised for my diserning taste panel to eat.  In the spirit of cleaning out the fridge and freezer I also had some orange zest good to go.  I made this in the 8 inch square as suggested but the middle took a long time to set which made the edges a bit dry and overcooked.  All was saved by the crumb topping though.  I know it is childish to only want to eat the crumb topping but oh dear, it was so good.


Notes for next time.  The cake was ok, but again it was all about the crumbs for me.  Perhaps try in a loaf size for more even baking or even go back to muffin size (Matt’s suggestion).  I also wonder how this would go with the French Yougurt Cake from last week as the base.  I did really like that cake.

Now it’s time to say see you next week, and go check out the TWD blogroll and see all the crumb cakes you could desire.

11 responses to “TWD- Blueberry and Peach Crumb Cake

  1. Mine took a while to bake completely in the center too – sorta annoying, really. It looks wonderful though, and I love the addition of peaches!

  2. Isn’t the crumb topping always the best part?

    And peaches sound just so refreshing with the berries.

  3. Blueberries and peaches sounds wonderful together! I loved the topping as well.

  4. The peaches sound like a great addition. I baked mine as muffins and it took about half the baking time – they came out great.

  5. Crumb topping …oh how I love thee~

  6. Looks wonderful! We really enjoyed this crumb cake too 🙂

  7. oh i cldn’t bear to eat just the crumbs alone.. they were so sinfully buttered up! haha. But the peaches sound lovely in the cake. Why didn’t I think of that? haha.

  8. Your cake looks wonderful!

  9. Oh! Yeah… I can imagine how it was all about the crumbs for you… they were divine weren’t they?
    Breat looking even after the baking trouble!

  10. same here, i loved the crumb but not the cake itself .. yeah, good idea of using the french yogurt cake as the base .. will try that next time.

  11. I tried to save my family by eating some of the topping before putting it on the cake, but…. That topping WAS goo–ood. Yours looks great.

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