TWD- Tiramisu Cake

For this weeks TWD Megan of My Baking Adventures chose Tiramisu Cake on pages 266-268.


Dories take on this is a butter cake (rather than sponge finger biscuits) soaked in coffee syrup, filled with marscopone cream and topped with more of that cream spiked with coffee extract.  If you needed anything more to sweeten the deal there are shards of dark chocolate hidden between the layers.

This is a nice cake.  I like the marscopone cream, in most recipes I have tried there is raw egg.  Usually I don’t worry about this too much but it means I feel less comfortable letting it sit and meld for a while.

I have never managed to get a smooth marscopone cream.  The curd shows through. This happens with minimal mixing as well as going hell bent for leather with the kitchen aid.

img_1039I like this cake, I am a big coffee fan.  And I think it is an interesting tweak of a modern classic.

I used unbleached cake flour and think that affected the texture of the cake a bit.  The soaking syrup helped quite a lot and I don’t think I would fancy the cake as much without that bit of TLC.


Now go and check out the TWD blogroll for all the other yummy cakes out there.

9 responses to “TWD- Tiramisu Cake

  1. I loved this recipe and agree with you that this is a great twist of the normal tiramisu!!

  2. Very nicely done, Andrea! I’m glad you liked it… thanks to the TLC!

  3. Yummy. I agree with you about the cake – I thought it was a bit dry w/out the syrup to add moisture and flavor. I think it’s a good basic sponge cake recipe, though, if you’re going to add syrup and flavor.

  4. My cake didn’t soak up as much as it should have.

  5. Yeah, I loved the espresso syrup! Your cake looks great!

  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely…I don’t like chocolate, but it always looks amazing on whipped cream, doesn’t it? No matter…my family LOVES chocolate, and they would salute you on the use of all those lovely bits inside your cake!

  7. Not a coffee lover so I didn’t make this. But yours looks lovely. And extra chocolate between layers. Wonderful!!!

  8. Your cake looks perfect! I agree – this was a yummy recipe (and I don’t normally enjoy tiramisu)!

  9. I loved the soaking syrup, it added a lot of flavor and moisture to the cake. Yours looks wonderful!

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