Daring Cooks- Ricotta Gnocchi

At about the time the Daring Cooks was announced my good husband had asked me if I could possibly make a few more savoury things, very auspicious.


The first recipe chosen is Ricotta Gnocchi (recipe from the Zuni Cookbook by Judy Rogers).

In the Daring Cooks forum it was mentioned making your own ricotta was a snap- here is the recipe I used.   It was really eay and very tasty.  The dog got all the whey and fully endorsed the homemade cheese endevour.

The Ricotta Gnocci was quick and easy to make. My homemade ricotta was so much less wet than the commercial varieties available here.  I kept the butter sauce simple and clean, so the ricotta flavour showed through.


I served this with a pear, blue cheese and rocket salad.  It needed something to give texture to this otherwise silky smooth dish.

All in all a success and something to keep in mind for vego friends.

2 responses to “Daring Cooks- Ricotta Gnocchi

  1. That salad looks like it would be delish with the gnocci!

  2. This was an interesting recipe. I had never had gnocchi before, but I would like to again. Yours looks tasty.

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