TWD- Honey Peach Ice Cream

For this weeks TWD, Tommi of Brown Interior selected Honey-Peach Ice Cream on page 437 from Baking From My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan.

IMG_1864Sorry I have been a bit quiet.  After returning from my holiday to Vietnam we promptly moved house- and didn’t have the internet for a couple of weeks.  I still haven’t finished unpacking the boxes.  Anyway, getting into the groove in the new house and thrilled the broadband is back!

This weeks TWD is a custard style ice cream (my fav).  Peaches (fresh) just aren’t around in my part of the world so I used a 860g tin of peached in juice well drained.

Liam just loved the ice cream maker.  He stood above it watching like a hawk sppon in hand to test as the ice cream firmed up.

IMG_1863I saw the message board and the folk who weren’t up for the peach chunks through the ice cream for our tasting panel we thought the peach chunks were in fact the best bits.  This ice cream was almost too sweet for me- perhaps contributed towards by the tinned peaches.  I also served this with some peach schnapps on the side for the grown ups- also a hit.  I did add a couple of tablespoons of the schapps into the custard to keep it easy to spoon.

Now go and check out the TWD blogroll for the other ice creams out there.  I get to host next week so I should probably get busy now!

7 responses to “TWD- Honey Peach Ice Cream

  1. It looks gorgeous and it looks like your little taste tester loved it, too!

  2. LOL Andrea! I see that even if too sweet, it didn’t even have a chance to get into serving cups… and spoons were quickly planted in it!

    Very nice, lovely boy!

  3. Happy new home.

    How cute of your son.

  4. That’s a really cute picture of Liam!
    And I love the picture of your ice cream, it looks soo peachy! =)

  5. He’s a cutie! Glad you enjoyed.

  6. Congrats on your new home! Your ice cream looks so luscious! It looks like your little taste tester really loves it! Well done!

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