TWD- Chocolate Souffle

This weeks TWD is the very grown up Chocolate Souffle, selected by Susan of She’s Becoming DoughMessTic from page 406 of Baking From My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan.

IMG_3402This came together quickly and with no dramas.  My fan forced only oven made some of the top a bit dark brown but it was still lovely.

IMG_3404Now go and check out the TWD blogroll for all the other high achievers out there.

7 responses to “TWD- Chocolate Souffle

  1. Yours looks very tasty! I laughed at myself. I forgot to whisk in my egg yolks! But what I thought would be a failure actually tasted pretty good 😉

  2. Very nice! It was good, wasn’t it?

  3. They were better than I thought! Although – mine could have been more pudding-like, in my opinion. Glad you enjoyed them and made them this week – they look fantastic!

  4. Looks yummy! Thanks for baking along with me this week!
    Susan of

  5. Great ! Im glad you enjoyed this recipe.

  6. Beautiful rise on those souffles. Great job.

    They were surprisingly easy.

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