TWD- Sugar Topped Treacle Spice Cookies

For my happy return to TWD baking Pamela of Cookies with Boys decided on Sugar-Topped Molasses Spice Cookies on pages 76 and 77 of Baking From My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan.  We are lucky enough to get to pick and choose this months tasty selections in our own order.  I love cookies, my boys love cookies it seems like a good fit.

These are lovely and simple although the high butter content meant that even after a couple of hours in the fridge they were melting in our 35C heat in just moments.


Molasses isn’t common in Australia but treacle is in every grocery store so I swapped that out.  My other sub was using native pepper berries.They are very similar to pepper but have a really lovely and subtle floral note.  To me it has a similar note to juniper.

I am a fan.  Matt liked the crispy edges best and I was fond of the chewy centres.  Happiness all round.  Good to be back and baking again.

7 responses to “TWD- Sugar Topped Treacle Spice Cookies

  1. Your cookies look yummy. I love molasses cookies and am looking forward to baking these. I baked the chestnut cake this week. It’s delicious.

  2. Thanks for baking along with me! Mine melted all over the place when I tested them. I think I need to try freezing the dough before baking. Either way, still a tasty cookie!

  3. UUMM!!! Those look fantastic.

  4. I have heard of treacle before.

    Do you know if it tastes like molasses?

    These cookies are wonderful.

  5. Yum these look so good and I love your big crystal sugar you rolled them in! Im going to make these next!

  6. Not familiar with treacle. Very interesting.

  7. Treacle! I’ve just started using Lyle’s golden syrup and have a recipe that uses treacle – now, I just need to find some! These look GREAT! So glad you made and enjoyed them – I just might make them with treacle once it surfaces. Nicely done!

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