TWD- 2 years old already…. And making Tarte Tatin to celebrate

January 5, 2010– TWD’s 2nd Anniversary! Tarte Tatin, pages 312 and 313 of Baking From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan.  We had a choice of making the Cocoa Buttermilk Cake but I have been doing some serious catch up baking and another cake wasn’t going to fit in right now.  Fruit deserts always give the illusion of being healthier don’t you think?

I am loving the holidays and having a bit more time at home to cook.  Hopefully this year I can get a better balance back.  Work has been seriously busy for so long.

I made the tarte tatin on a whim.  I used granny smith’s as my apple as they are the only apple in stock (without  seemingly endless searching over the holiday period) at the moment in sunny Darwin.

I have a couple of 12 inch skillets but no  10inch contenders.  I do have a 6inch cast iron which I decided to use this time.  Good call.  It was easy to flip out on the plate and was the perfect amount for my family of 4.

My electric stove heated some areas more throughly than others so the end product had a couple of spots of very amber toffee but thankfully it hadn’t gone bitter.

Loved this.  My 6 year old ate a third of it and seemed disappointed  it was all gone.  We will make this again.  Now go and sing happy birthday to us as you check out the blogroll

9 responses to “TWD- 2 years old already…. And making Tarte Tatin to celebrate

  1. Looks absolutely gorgeous!! I’m making this on Wednesday as I”m having a friend over for tea that day, but I can’t wait!!

  2. It looks great! I loved this too.

  3. It looks great and I love the color. I made the regular sized tarte, but would have loved a smaller version. Well…my hips would prefer it, anyway.

  4. You got a really nice caramel thing going there. Love it.

  5. Looks beautiful.

    My caramel didn’t get as dark as yours.

  6. Looks delicious. I am so regretting not choosing this recipe. I made the cake and wasn’t impressed. Oh well. 🙂

  7. That looks great! I made the full-size version, and now have leftovers, as there were only 2 of us at dinner. Not sure if the leftovers are a good or bad thing…

  8. Yours looks perfect….good idea to make a smaller size..I will try that next time…

  9. Those apples look perfect. Also made mine in a mini 6″ cast iron skillet – perfect size for two of us.

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