TWD- Coco- Nana Bread

January 26, 2010–  Steph of Obsessed with Baking chose Cocoa-Nana Bread, page 46 from Baking from My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan.

As I looked at this recipe I was fairly shocked at the amount of cocoa.  I had to go and buy another container.  This is a deep complex almost bitter cake (in the way espresso is bitter but not unpleasant).  The banana rounds out the assertive nature of that much cocoa.  It has a fine cake like crumb with dark chocolate shards mixed through.

I made mine into individual loaf shapes.  I liked them but did not love them.  Definitely a recipe to keep in mind as the texture was lovely.

Now go and check the blogroll and see what the other TWD crew thought.

5 responses to “TWD- Coco- Nana Bread

  1. It was a nice texture but definitely not my favorite thing from the book thats for sure.

  2. in order to finish this one off, i turned it into a trifle with lots of whipped cream and a little rum. happy australia day!!

  3. I made mini loaves and shared them. Love your little breads, so cute.

  4. Hey! Long time no see… what a nice loaf you made! looks super moist with all that gooey chocolate! …OH! And you got to make the Nanaimo bars… great looking and I know by experience super, super sweet (didn’t make them because of that!)

  5. I made a small loaf and muffins. I agree it was not a great recipe.

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