TWD- Apple-Apple Bread Pudding

Back on May 18, 2010- Elizabeth of Cake or Death? decided on Apple-Apple Bread Pudding on pages 408 and 409.  I am running a bit late on this one but if I missed a bread and butter pudding my good husband would be a sad man.

Now you may remember my misadventures with the raisin swirl bread.  I used the 3 slices that stuck together for the blog post.  The rest just didn’t stick together.  It was a great bread but it was a bit messy to eat.  So it was perfect to use in a bread pudding.  We don’t get apple butter in Australia so I skipped that part- but with all the raisins and cinnamon in the bread we had a lot of flavour going on.

This was lovely but made a huge batch.  All was consumed and apple and caramelised apple bread pudding may very well get made again.

I am so pleased I found a worthy use for the bread.

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