TWD- Cottage Cheese Pufflets (Catch up Sept 09)

September 22 2009- Jacque of Daisy Lane Cakes decided on Cottage Cheese Pufflets, on pages 148 and 149.  I can’t remember why I didn’t get to these last year.  But in the spirt of catch up here I am- catching up.

Let me start by saying “Hello my name is Andrea, I don’t do so well with sticky roll out doughs living in Darwin”.  I have a lot of skills, but my environment means I really struggle with this style of dough here.  I know they do work in say Sydney or the Czech Republic but not here in the land of 30-35C year round.

I will persevere but I think sometimes you know it will be a challenge before you even start.

Anyway, these were ok but not special, for me.  I thought of them as nice pie dough with jam inside.  I used a bit of cherry jam and lime marmalade.  My filling leaked out even before I baked them despite attempting to seal them and reduce the amount of filling.

Live and learn.  To see the host bakers post and get the recipe, check it out here.

2 responses to “TWD- Cottage Cheese Pufflets (Catch up Sept 09)

  1. Love your filling alternatives. I can totally understand your frustration and I think your pufflets look yummy!

  2. A trick I have found for making scones rise better (because in Darwin they never do!!! at least not for me anyway) is to use a metal mixing bowl and fill it with ice just before starting to make the dough. I also hold the ice to make my hands really cold before rolling it out and when you tip the ice out so you can put your ingredients into the bowl, tip it into the sink and then whilst mixing you could stand the bowl in the ice.

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