TWD- Apple-Coconut Family Cake

December 14 – Amber of Cobbler du Monde chose Apple-Coconut Family Cake, on page 214 of Baking From My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan.

I need to check but the cake component of this seemed very similar to the French Yogurt Cake from TWD gone past.  The addition of apple and coconut mixes it up quite a bit.

Liam woke up this morning and declared it was doggie’s birthday (doggie being a beloved stuffed animal).  The boys sang to the toy, gave it presents and were really committed to the idea of the birthday.  So it seemed fair to pop some candles in the apple cake and call it doggies birthday cake.

This cake was popular in my house.  Matt appreciated that it wasn’t too sweet (then proceeded to cover it in custard).  I skipped the glaze (no apple jelly in my part of the world).  As well as a preference for less sweet in my household.

Now go and check the TWD blogroll for all the apple cake goodness.

2 responses to “TWD- Apple-Coconut Family Cake

  1. Doggie’s birthday cake – too cute! I love that everyone went with it and put the cake to such good use!

  2. Cute birthday party! 🙂 And such a pretty cake!

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