TWD- Midnight Crackles (Catch Up)

Catch Up for – January 4 – Laurie of Slush and Jules of Someone’s In the Kitchen chose Midnight Crackles on page 74.  (New Year’s – Midnight.  Get it?).

Not sure why I didn’t get around to making these a month and a half ago.  New Years is a busy old time I suppose.  Given this weeks TWD is the recipe on the facing page I thought half batches of each gives of each me a chance to bake along this week and catch up.

Given the technique and ingredients are so similar it is quite interesting that the finished products are so different (you will have to wait until tomorrow for my thoughts on the chocolate oatmeal cookies).  Midnight crackles are almost shortbread like.  I can smell the spice but the chocolate covers most of the flavours but it adds layers of interest (kind of like well executed Mexican hot chocolate- you don’t need to pick up each of the spices to have them add to the experience).

I enjoyed these but I think I’m more likely to make tomorrows recipe again.



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