TWD- Chocolate Pots de Creme

March 1 – Christine of BlackCatCooking Chocolate Pots de Creme on pages 390-391 form Baking From My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan.

Pots de Creme are essentially chocolate custards baked in a water bath.  They do seem light- but that is just a rather evil illusion to trick you into having another.

I used some cute little silicone cups in a frypan with a removable handle to bake up my half batch.

In some of the cookery classes I have taken at the local uni I was surprised to see cling film going into the oven.  I was assured that if the film tells you it is microwave safe it is safe to temps no higher than 350F.  That doesn’t take away the concerns of heating the plastics and the plasticides being released- but if you ever heat things up in the microwave covered in cling film same deal.  Off brand cling films do melt but products like Glad or my jumbo roll of “Food Service Cling Film” are up to the task.  BTW I love my extra wide roll of food service wrap.  It is 18 inches wide rather than the standard 12.

Well after that digression back to the pots- really liked them.  I used my egg whites to make up a batch of macarons.  Children picked the colours.  My orange coloured batch got a couple too many folds and got a bit sloppy so no photos of those but my blue ones that got filled with some lemon buttercream tucked away in the freezer had handsome little feet.

4 responses to “TWD- Chocolate Pots de Creme

  1. I love that you made macarons with the egg whites. They look gorgeous!

  2. I was thinking of macaroons also, but ended up freezing the egg whites! I have a ton of frozen egg whites so will probably go on a macaroon or marshmallow binge soon!

  3. You those macarons look great. I still need to try those!
    I used foil to cover mine and that worked just fine.

  4. those macarons look like perfection! great job!

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