TWD- Pecan Powder Puffs

March 29 – Tianne of Buttercream Barbie Pecan Powder Puffs on page 156 from Baking From My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan.

I have been making a variation of these for years as Christmas cookies- the recipe I have been using calls them ‘Russian Tea Cakes’.  The major differences are the use of walnuts (only chopped not powdered), icing sugar instead of regular sugar and no cinnamon.

I like this version.  The cinnamon is subtle and goes well with the pecans.

The one thing to remember when making these is to keep them small.  I got slack years ago- they were more than a mouthful and essentially they were little icing sugar bombs- exploding over who ever tried to eat them.

As I write this I am thinking maybe I should whip up another batch!  Now go and check out the TWD blogroll and see what other folks thought.

7 responses to “TWD- Pecan Powder Puffs

  1. I think just about everyone has a version of this in their arsenal. I love this style of cookie!

  2. Great looking cokies! I make them every Christmas for my family. This recipe is different because of the cinnamon. I loved it! Im glad you enjoyed them too!

  3. I love the tip to make them small- yours look perfect!

  4. they look great – your tips are so true = mmm = exploding snowballs!

  5. Sugar bombs–what a hoot! Have a sweet day.

  6. I must have made mine huge as the whole recipe made 20 cookies. I never thought about the fact they might be hard to eat. The people at work must have been ok since they didn’t last very long.

  7. good to know to keep them small, b/c i was wishing i’d made them more than just a bite!

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