TWD- Raspberry Blanc-Manger – Catch Up

July 21-Susan of Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy selected Raspberry Blanc-Manger on pages 398 and 399 of Baking From My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan.

I am pretty sure this was a recipe that I didn’t get round to yet as I was on holidays when it’s time to be made came and went.  Anyway, after my not so fab results with the marshmallows recently I double checked with RLB Cake Bible and confirmed that a 1/4 oz packet of gelatin is 2 1/4 tsp.  Gelatin in Australia is sold mainly as powder in 1 small container and you measure out with a teaspoon what you need.  As an aside, sheet gelatin seems to be mostly European imports and not so easily available.

Overall this was fairly straight forward to make.  I lined my cake tin with cling film to avoid a metalic taste.  I did find that (probably due to the heat here) the cutting texture of this was challenging (read melting as I sliced).  I am wondering how it would go as a frozen treat- I am thinking I could end up with something like a parfait or semi-freddo.

Matthew my good husband who isn’t the worlds biggest fan of raspberries agreed that they really worked in this desert.  They really do provide a sense of balance to this otherwise sweet but lovely desert.

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