TWD- Quintuple Chocolate Brownies – Catch up

All the way back when TWD was just a baby -January 8, 2008 – Quintuple Chocolate Brownies, pages 99 and 100 were the pick.

I figured since this was Easter weekend and chocolate overload was obviously on the cards the time was right to bust this one out.

Despite the amount of chocolate and butter these seemed a bit dry on the night they were baked.  Having a rest in the fridge overnight seemed to let all the richness and gooey-ness come through.  I decided rather than make the white chocolate glaze I would ‘make do’ with some creamy centre Lindt chocolate squares.  That way the tasting panel at home could just peel off the white choc if a quadruple chocolate brownie was enough for them- and the voracious children could assist them with this endevour.

All in all good- but a bit over the top for me.  That said really what would you expect with a recipe title like that.

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