TWD- Hidden Berry Cream Cheese Torte (Catch Up)

All the way back on January 15, 2008 – Hidden Berry Cream Cheese Torte was the pick, from pages 240-242 of BFMHTY by Dorie Greenspan.

So last week I did recipe number 2 so as it turns out this week I am doing recipe number 3 (still have yet to do recipe number 1 from the TWD playbook).

Essentially this is a sugar cookie base topped with a lightened cheesecake base (half cottage cheese and half cream cheese) with the hidden berries as a jammy layer along the base.  I used some of my homemade mulberry jam which may not have been quite as thick as Dorie intended in the recipe.

There is a pinch of nutmeg which really comes through in all the cheesey goodness.  I liked this rather a lot.   The dangers of being home more often means a more-ish cheesecake is a rather dangerous thing!

Glad I tackled this one.  I am doing well in my catch up (of all the recipes that I have missed or from before I started TWD).  I think only another 15 or so and I will be up to date.

One response to “TWD- Hidden Berry Cream Cheese Torte (Catch Up)

  1. This one was chosen before I joined, so i havent made it yet, either. I was just looking at it the other day, though. Looks like yours is perfect!

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