TWD- Brown Sugar Bundt Cake

May 10, 2011 – Peggy from Pantry Revisited chose Brown Sugar Bundt Cake on page 179.

I decided to make this for Mother’s Day and as we were going on a sunset cruise around the lovely Darwin Harbour I decided to make them as minis, I thought much easier to portion up.  As regular readers know I have a serious weakness for buying silicone moulds so I divided the batter and made half choc chip and half pear and prune.

I thought since it was Mother’s Day I would make baby bundt cakes.  Since it is babies that made me a mother!

This sadly, didn’t work out terribly well.  This exceedingly moist and yummy cake just didn’t have enough structure (and perhaps too many mix ins) to allow them to slip gracefully from the silicone moulds that I had prepared with spray oil.  The mini bundts broke, the wings fell off my dragonflies and the roses left their petals in the tin.

But, lets not focus on the bad (but when I make this again, and I will make this again, I will not go down the mini path).  This is a seriously nice cake with subtle caramel notes.  I liked the dark chocolate chip version best.

Happy belated Mother’s Day.  I hope all had a good day and a brief moment went to thinking we wouldn’t be where we are are today without our mothers.

On that note go and check the TWD blogroll and see how the other Bundts came out.

Oh, as a late add- here is a photo of my new little man, good husband and myself on the above mentioned cruise.

10 responses to “TWD- Brown Sugar Bundt Cake

  1. I tried chocolate too and liked it. This was a very moist cake, wasn’t it? Love your “babies”!

  2. Ciao Andrea sorry about the mishap, Happy mother’s day to you too !

  3. I had difficulty getting mine out of the bundt pan and finally half the cake did and the other stayed where it was.

    I was thinking minis, also but in the end, didn’t do it. I wonder what difference there would have been. I love your minis.

  4. I had similar problems with the minis. It did work much better with a bigger mold. Guess you are right – too many mix-ins, too light structure for minis.

  5. Oh I’m so sorry yours did not come out perfectly. But it looks delicious, love your variations. Thank you for baking along with me this week!

  6. Happy Mother’s Day! I have a weakness for the mini’s too…I did two 6 cups this week but want to try teeny tiny ones next time.

  7. OMG your little baby is so gorgeous! Sorry the minis didn’t unmold properly but I’m glad they still tasted good!! Happy Mothers Day!

  8. Happy Mother’s Day to you! Mine stuck to the pan, too. I think I didn’t butter it enough. I frosted it to cover and boy, was that good!

  9. What a fun cruise! Happy mother’s day to you!

  10. Lovely photo of you and your family. I was thinking of chocolate chips, too. Sorry they did not come out of the mold cleanly, though.

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