TWD- Chocolate Biscotti

June 14 – Jacque of Daisy Lane Cakes chose Chocolate Biscotti on page 144 from BFMHTY by Dorie Greenspan.

I have become a little obsessed just lately.  I have been learning to quilt and got project fever.  I would start at 7 or 8pm after the children had been fed and bathed and find it suddenly 1am with me making silly mistakes.

I bring this up as I had to drag myself away from this patchwork (design from Dare To Be Square by Boo Davis.  It was nice to take a break and provide my children with biscotti (and fulfil my TWD commitments).

These were so good eating the crumbs after slicing form the first bake that they almost didn’t make it for the second bake.

10 minutes more in my oven didn’t really crisp them up but I like the fudgey nature of them at this stage.  I may pop a few in the oven later to see what they are like once they get that traditional biscotti crisp-ness.  I wonder how long that will take?

4 responses to “TWD- Chocolate Biscotti

  1. Nice quilt! I once thought about getting into quilting, but I don’t think I have patience.

    I think once-baked biscotti are good, too.

  2. I’m just learning to sew, so I totally understand that it’s ALL you want to do! 🙂 Nice quilt and such pretty biscotti!

  3. you are my hero. i wanna quilt so badly! i bought a ton of supplies and now just have to actually DO it 😉

  4. I have no talent in quilting, I can do cooking but not quilting , but you have a nice quilt. =)

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