TWD- Brown Sugar Apple Cheesecake – Catch Up

Way back on February 12, 2008 – Brown Sugar-Apple Cheesecake was the pick, recipe found on pages 238 and 239 of BFMHTY.

This is the first thing from the TWD playlist that I haven’t made for my own consumption.  Not that I didn’t want it.  Oh my, the smells from the caramelised apples and then the cheesecake baking in the oven.  This almost didn’t become the thank you gift that it was destined for.  But, someone who really really loved cheesecake did me a great favour, and one should reward kindness, no?

I did get to taste the baked bits left on the spring form tin.  I will make this again.  For me cheesecake is a shared usually celebration thing.  Given how calorie rich it is, the share it around principle is probably a good one!

2 responses to “TWD- Brown Sugar Apple Cheesecake – Catch Up

  1. This is one I haven’t made yet either. Looks wonderful. I am sure that the lucky recipient enjoyed it immensely! 🙂

  2. I’m super impressed that you are catching up on the TWD recipes that you missed. I have at least 20 that I haven’t baked, but I’m not making very quick progress in closing that gap. Your cheesecake looks delicious!

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