TWD- Sour Cream Chocolate Cake Cookies

June 28 –  Spike of Spike Bakes chose Sour Cream Chocolate Cake Cookies on page 160 of BFMHTY by Dorie Greenspan.

These are a cookie that really live up to their title.  Strangely enough these reminded me of Little Debbie snack cakes minus the vivid white ‘cream’ centre.  Now to be fair it has been years since I had one of those cakes.  Perhaps it is the slightly crispy outside that makes me think of the texture of a prepackaged snack cake.  Moving on.

I liked them, but golly, the recipe made quite a bit.  Just as well it is school holidays and the kids need lots of snacks in between running around and being told to take a break from video games!

3 responses to “TWD- Sour Cream Chocolate Cake Cookies

  1. No kidding… I halved the recipe and still ended up with 40 cookies!! 🙂

  2. I haven’t had Little Debbie treats in years, but I guess they were similar. Mine weren’t too flat and I made sandwich cookies which were really good!

  3. My freezer is full of cookies now!

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