TWD- Perfection Pound Cake (Catch Up)

All the way back in January 22, 2008 – Perfection Pound Cake was the pick, recipe found on pages 222 and 223 of BFMHTY by Dorie Greenspan.

So, I have a well documented weakness for buying cake and muffin tins.  And there was a castle bundt silicone pan for only $5.  I am a complete sucker for such things.  So it followed me home.  I then checked out my list of catch ups and thought this was the best suited recipe for the pan.

Patrick informed me that the rainbow choc chips were a very important add in.

I over baked this ever so slightly.  Always hard to judge with a new recipe and pan.

I didn’t get a chance to level off the bottom of the cake. Baby Daniel had one of ‘those’ days.  He was happy enough whilst getting cuddles but as soon as you thought you could put him down…

Trimming cake with a baby on my hip is just not one of my strongpoints.  That said the cake didn’t last long enough for anyone to mention it didn’t sit perfectly flat.  I liked the buttery, eggy, vanilla scented nature of this cake.  It had a nice crumb.  I do recall thinking the rum drenched vanilla cakes from Jan 2010 were pretty special.  Toss up as to what I would make again to scratch my pound cake itch.

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