TWD- Tropical Crumble

August 16, 2011 – Gaye of Laws of the Kitchen chose Tropical Crumble on pages 418-419.

Mango and bananas baked up under a crown of pecan crumble is what this is.  I liked the mango part but the bananas didn’t quite do it for me.  I thought they would be liked a baked version of bananas foster but not so much.  Matt found the combination of tropical fruit with the crumble discordant.  He kept thinking of apple and so it didn’t do it for him.

The crumble topping was lovely.  Mine was crispy and I read on the TWD comments sections others were not.  I did bake mine in the frypan I sauteed the fruit in.  I think that let some of the juices evaporate and helped keep the crisp- crisp.  I also tossed in a bit of coconut going with the grows together – goes together thing.

This was ok but not something I will rush to make again.  An interesting experiment.  Check out the blogroll to see what the other TWD bakers thought.

5 responses to “TWD- Tropical Crumble

  1. The colors of the crisp are really pretty – and extra coconut is always a good thing, I think.

  2. Good idea with the coconut! Even though we loved it over here, I’m with you… I don’t think it’s one that I’ll be making all the time. 🙂

  3. sorry you didn’t like this one so much. we loved it!

  4. The coconut sounds like a great idea – perfect for the tropical flavours. Thanks for baking along with me this week.

  5. I liked this, but I used pineapple and no bananas. I wasn’t expecting it to taste like apple crisp, so I wasn’t disappointed. I liked the caramelized fruit, but my crumble wasn’t very crisp. Still tasty though!

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